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Welcome and a big thank you for supporting my supplement brand. Anointed Warrior is brought to you by Sanctified Fitness and Nutrition - a veteran owned, Christian based business.


My supplement line has all natural products that have gone through rigorous testing to ensure my customers receive the best quality supplements.

As a trainer, coach, and consumer. I found it hard to find an ENTIRE line of supplements that I could stand behind, making very hard to bring a full set of recommendations for supplements to my clients. This meant that I had to piecemeal items together in order to get the products and quality I could put my name on.

That prompted me to embark on this journey to create a supplement line that I can back 100% and support all products within it.

Anointed Warrior was born, by God's grace, and through His will. I continue to expand my Christian based business and give you my new supplement line.

Joseph Davis

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