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Meet Your Coach and Owner

JoJo Davis

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Master Trainer

  • Nutritionist

  • ​Weight Management Specialist

  • ​Health Coach

  • Accountability Coach

  • ​Weight Management Specialist

Jojo is a Colorado native and father to 7 kids - from teens to toddlers!  Being both a single parent and in a marriage He has held many job titles over the years before finding his way into the United States Army. This led him to join the Infantry. Being a part of this combat group, has taught him how to be disciplined, withstand adversity and overcome odds which he now brings to the table for his clients. JoJo has been a certified trainer since 2012. After leaving the military he continued to pursue his passion for helping people and exercise by becoming a trainer. During his years in the fitness industry JoJo has been a Fitness Trainer, Head Trainer and Gym Manager. Before opening his own online training business called Sanctified Fitness and Nutrition. In his 9 years as a trainer he has helped thousands of clients reach goals they only dreamt were attainable. He does this through a unique approach online were it allows him to give the attention and accountability required to every client in his programs bringing them life changing sustainable results. Whether your goal is weight loss, strength, toning, or simply feeling more confident. He has you covered.


"wonderful, simple and effective program to follow! In only 5 days with this program I lost 3 pounds, half an inch in my waist, and found new ways to manage my nutritional intake. Great program, highly recommend!"

Megan Ray

Jojo is knowledgeable and caring! Pushes to get you motivated yet encouraging at the same time! Highly recommended!

Betty Ann

so obviously when the pandemic hit and gyms were closed people including myself turned to the internet for online help. After looking at so many different options I came across Sanctified and looked into it. what I first liked about it was it was a 5 day restart on nutrition which i needed. I started that and just from the way Jojo was during that impressed me. Very much keeping in touch everyday and cheering me on! I then decided to do the 12 week program with him. what I liked most was like I said he made it more personal i didnt feel like I was competing in a group or comparing myself to others. It was a specific nutrition plan and workout for me! He checked in every step of the way and kept me determined and proud throughout the whole journey! This has been the only program I stuck with the whole way through. I feel so much stronger and healthier and also lost some inches and lbs along the way! Definitely got everything out of what I was looking for and got me through the tough 3 months of no work. I would highly recommend!

Bryann Remington

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